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Welcome to SSIC - A resource you can rely on

We are excited to announce we are revamping our website and anticipate its debut in Summer 2016. Once it is unveiled, we’ll be updating critical information on our current site. Thank you for your patience!

SSIC is here to enrich and support the lives of community residents 50 years and older.

We know that as people enter the second half of life their needs and desires change. As we continue to age, our stories get richer and our relationship to life, to others and even to ourselves begins to change.

Here at SSIC, our mission is to focus on seniors young and old by providing services and resources intended to:

  • improve well being
  • promote and help sustain independence
  • facilitate participation in the life and affairs of the community
  • enhance the experience of becoming an elder

SSIC envisions a community in which the basic needs of all residents are met, enabling them to lead purposeful, healthy, active, contented and socially integrated lives.


facebookSouth Whidbey’s Bayview Senior Center, located in Langley, Washington, is a thriving hub of activities, events and services offered by SSIC for people 50 years and older.

Check out our monthly Activities Calendar or the Guide to learn about classes, trips and information that’ll enlighten, educate and entertain you. You’ll meet people here

Call us at 360-321-1600 with your questions.


Caring for Elderly Parents, Senior Serivies of Island County, Langely WA They cared for you as you were growing up and now the tables may be turning.
How do you know when its time to step in?
When do you take control?
How do you deal with the fact that your parents need you now more than ever?
We offer care giver support for those caring for elderly parents.


If you’re overwhelmed with trying to find and sort out information about services available to aging adults, you’ve come to the right place.

When you call Senior Services of Island County, our friendly staff will help you find solutions of all kinds.   Learn More about how we can help...

Learn more about aging in America provided by Senior Services of Island County

Senior centers around the country are hubs for those in the midphase of life between adulthood and old age. In fact, we are actively involved in supporting positive aging by affirming the experience, history and wisdom carried by the elders of our culture.

We offer programs and services covering all phases of the aging spectrum as well as a forum for camaraderie among those seeking community with others with whom they have things in common.


Community is a natural result of involvement. Become part of our thriving midlife community and put your good energy toward a worthwhile purpose.

It’s not just about volunteering, it’s about contributing your enthusiasm, your skills, your interests and anything else that makes you uniquely you!